About Us

Riviera Kids Zone is chain of preschool based on US concept of learning. It is an activity based school with total focus on learning through real life situations through project based learning, audio -visual aids like projector, Educomp Smart Board. E-labs make the learning pleasurable experience,role play, dramatisation, puppet shows add pleasure to the learning.

Special Session of storytelling by the experts enhance their vocabulary and help to build language, development of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, coordination of eye and hand, solving different puzzles, arranging blocks. Stringing Beads helps to develop their reasoning and overall personality. Situation Based Session are conducted to build up their conversation skills.

Riviera Kids Zone is more like a fairy land where lively and chirpy environment prevails.


Mrs Surya Vishwnath(Principal)

Education is the birth right of a child with a vision is his prerogative. With this vision Riviera has achieved a place of distinction in the field of education that is child centric teaching with healthy teacher taught ratio.When the child joins the schools he is like soft clay and needs to be shaped deftly. He/She bubbles with energy which should be carefully channelised.The motherly care and well developed curriculum help to develop their complete personality.

Leading advocate of Supreme Court, leads the team of Riviera Public School as its head as Chairman


Mr K N Nagpal (Chairman)

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Mr Manan Nagpal(Advisor)

Young and Dynamic MBA and a Management Professional,contributes by his expert advice